Supply chain

At DNO, Supply Chain Management means identifying, selecting and managing suppliers in a manner that ensures quality and adds value.

Shared values are important to us. Our anti-bribery and corruption policies as well as our due diligence processes ensure appropriate screening and evaluation of potential suppliers.

Improving health, safety, environmental, social and governance performance within our supply chain benefits our communities and our business. Our Business Partner Code of Conduct details what we expect from our suppliers in order to uphold our values and standards.

We meet our commitments efficiently and transparently and expect the same from our suppliers.


How to become a supplier of DNO

In the Kurdistan region of Iraq, any company aspiring to become a supplier of DNO needs to register with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).  

In Norway and the UK, any company interested in becoming a supplier of DNO is encouraged to register with Magnet Joint Qualification System (JQS), which is a common pre-qualification standard in the North Sea.


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for DNO suppliers vary slightly across the relevant jurisdictions. Below are general descriptions of principles underpinning DNO contracts in different regions.