Yemen Drilling Update

Tasour #19 was spudded on June 8th with the objective to appraise the central southwest portion of the Tasour field and to evaluate a potential Basement exploration prospect located south of the main Tasour field in Block 32.  In order to secure the well as a Qishn producer and accelerate increased production from Tasour the drilling into Basement was abandoned.  A dedicated well into the Basement prospect is planned at a later stage and most likely from a more optimal surface location.
Following completion of Tasour # 19 the rig will move to the Nabrajah area in Block 43, and start a 4 well back-to-back Basement appraisal program. The first well to be drilled is Nabrajah # 8 located east of the Nabrajah #5 Kohlan/Basement oil discovery well. Nabrajah # 8 will drill into Basement at a deeper Basement level than Nabrajah # 5, and the well has the potential to confirm up to 600 meters of additional Basement oil column. Should the well confirm oil in such deeper oil column this could increase oil reserves in Basement by up to 160%.  (Ref. Second quarter presentation.) 
On the Sharyoof Field in Block 53, Sharyoof # 15, the first well of a two well back-to-back infill program commenced on 6th August. The second well, Sharyoof # 16 was spudded on 15th August as the third drilling rig is now in operation.