Yemen drilling status

Tasour # 15 spudded 5 January and has been drilled to a total depth of 1761 meters. The well is located within an area east of the Tasour field, and based on preliminary evaluations of well logs and other data the well has penetrated the Qishn S1 reservoir at the oil/water contact level. Casing is currently being set and the well is considered to be used as a water injector. DNO sees a potential for additional reserves in the eastern area of Tasour. Following some technical work the plan is to appraise the eastern area by more drilling. In the meantime the rig will now be moved to drill an infill production well on the western flank of Tasour (Tasour # 16).
Commencement of drilling Nabrajah # 5 is expected within the next week. The well has a top Qishn S2 target some 1.100 meters south of Nabrajah # 4. Ongoing technical work in Block 43 includes several exploration prospects. One area currently in focus is a structural trend close to the Block 14 boarder. A well that was recently drilled on this structural trend in block 14 some 1.2 km west of the Block 43 boarder, appears to have produced oil during testing.