Tasour field oil reserves doubled

Based on the positive results from the most recent production well in the Tasour field in Yemen, the field's total recoverable oil reserves have been upgraded to approximately 20 million barrels, which is more than than twice as much as previously estimated.
During the two years Tasour has been onstream, close to 7 million barrels have been produced from the field. Remaining oil reserves in Tasour are some 13 million barrels (of which DNO's share is approx. 5.3 milion barrels ( before tax).
Since the new production well came onstream, production from the Tasour field occasionally has exceeded 16,000 barrels per day (DNO's share approx. 6,500 (before tax), which is a new production reckord for the field. Now DNO is considering drilling additional wells in block 32, both in Tasour and in adjacent exploration structures.
Production from the Sharyoof field again averages approximately 25,000 barrels per day (DNO's share approx. 7,600 barrels per day ( before tax) after a new production well came onstream. Remaining oil reserves in Sharyoof are currently estimated at some 30 million barrels (DNO's share approx. 8.5 million ( before tax).