Production figures for April and May

From and including this production report, DNO will only be reporting production figures for the company's retained licences after the sale to Lundin. Oil production for Norway (Glitne) and Yemen (Tasour and Sharyoof) for April and May and the average for the period January - May (barrels of oil equivalent per day) was as follows:
                        April                  May     Jan - May
NORWAY         1,874                   924          1,951
YEMEN          11,041              10,994        11,520
In all              12,915              11,918         13,471
Oil production from Yemen was according to the plan for the period. A new production well in the Tasour field is now being completed and is scheduled to come onstream by the end of June. The drilling rig will then be moved to the Sharyoof field where it will drill two new production wells.
Production from the Glitne field was lower than expected for the period. One reason is problems with a gas compressor used for artificial lifting of oil in the wells. A two-branch production well is now being drilled at the field,  scheduled to come onstream during the third quarter.
DNO's estimate for the company's oil production in 2004 is 10,000 - 12,000 barrels per day.