October production and Nabrajah-3 testing

The oil production for Norway and Yemen was as follows (BOPD):
                               October               YTD
Norway                         26                   1.612
Yemen                   13.247                 11.871
Total                     13.273                  13.483
A further increase of ca. 550 BOPD (net to DNO) in the production from Yemen was achieved in October mainly due to a new well on the Tasour Field (Tasour #14) which was put on stream towards the end of the month. Tasour # 14 is currently producing about 3.500 BOPD (gross).
The Glitne field produced only minor volumes of oil in October due to the lock-out situation. As this has now been resolved the production from Glitne is expected to be back during November.
Due to continued improvement of the Yemen production and that Glitne is back on stream, DNOs net oil production in November is expected to be more than 15.000 BOPD.

Nabrajah-3 testing.
The tests in the upper Qishn S2 sandstone between 1696 - 1709 meters have been completed. A maximum oil rate of ca. 2.200 BOPD was produced during the test. Varying volumes of water were also produced and the source of the water production is being further investigated by production logging. The last test in Nabrajah-3 will be conducted in the upper Qishn S1 sandstone between 1670 - 1676 meter.