November Production

Oil production from Nabrajah / Basement (Nabrajah # 5) commenced at the end of November. The production from Nabrajah Field has now increased to above 12.000 BOPD (ca 7.700 BOPD net to DNO, pre-tax).

DNO's oil production from Norway and Yemen were as follows (BOPD):
                          November      YTD (11 months)   
Norway              1.227                          1.448
Yemen             14.825                        12.996
Total               16.052                         14.444
The decrease in production from October was primarily due some well repairs at Tasour and Sharyoof Fields in Yemen as well as some downtime at the Glitne Field due to compressor problems.
The well work in Yemen is now completed and Glitne is now producing ca. 13.500 BOPD (1.350 BOPD net to DNO).
Following the increase in production from Nabrajah Field after Nabrajah # 5 was put on stream DNO's total production is now at approximately 18.500 BOPD.