New production well on Tasour

Tasour # 8 confirms the results of  Tasour # 7 which was completed in October 2002. The results from Tasour # 7 increased the extension of the field and also confirmed oil to be present in a new zone below the main reservoir. This increased the ultimate oil reserves in the field to ca. 20 million barrels (DNO's share ca. 8 million barrels). As of December 2002 the Tasour field has produced ca. 7.5 million barrels of oil, with remaining oil reserves of ca. 12.5 million (DNO's share ca. 5 million barrels). When the Tasour-Field came on stream November 2000 the production capacity was ca. 10.000 BOPD and the ulimate oil reserves estimated at ca. 8 millionen barrels. After having produced 7.5 millione barrels of oil during just over 2 years , there is still 50 % more oil reserves than initially estimated and the production capacity is doubled.
The initial rate of Tasour # 8 was ca. 9.000 BOPD, but is expected to stabilize at a  lower level.  Work is now ongoing on two of the other production wells where down hole pumps will be replaced. This is due to be completed toward end of January. To take advantage of the increased production capacity additional pumping equipment will be installed on the field production facilities in order to increase export capasity. This is expected to be completed by mid-February. With all 6 production wells on full production as well as full operating efficiency on the production facilities the Tasour-Field has now the capacity to export ca. 20.000 BOPD.
The Tasour oil is exported to the Block 14 central production facilities which are operated by Nexen at a total oil production of ca. 230.000 BOPD.
DNO will now drill one well at a new structure close to the Tasour-Field (Haibish). DNO will also commence drilling on Block 43 later this year. Additional wells will also be drilled on the Sharyoof Field in Block 53. DNO is the Operator for Block 32 (Tasour) and Block 43, and is Partner i Block 53.