Nabrajah-3 update

Nabrajah-3 has now reached a total depth of 1.805 meters. Results from electrical logs indicate hydrocarbons in the Qishn S2 level between 1.695 and 1.709 meters. The logs also indicate hydrocarbons in the shallower Qishn S1 level between 1.670 and 1.675 meters.
Both hydrocarbon intervals will be tested.
Nabrajah-3 is the second appraisal well following the Nabrajah-1 discovery well drilled earlier this year. Following completion of Nabrajah-3 testing the well will be suspended as a future producer and the rig will move to the Nabrajah-4 location some 800 meters east of the Nabrajah-1 surface location.
DNO is the Operator of Block 43 holding a 56.67 % interest.