Nabrajah-2 basement test results update

The basement test was conducted in the interval between 2376 and 2545 meters in the basement section. The test flow represents a total equivalent hydrocarbon liquid production in excess of 3000 BOPD, combined of 313 barrels of condensate per day and 15.2 million standard cubic feet per day of gas (approximately 2730 barrels of oil equivalents per day).
The basement test in Nabrajah-1 was, as previously reported, not conclusive due to mechanical failures. It is now assumed that the basement in Nabrajah-1 contains gas, which also explains the unexpected high gas content in the Qishn test in Nabrajah-1, as gas from basement is assumed to be produced during the Qishn test. These observations together with the fact that there were no indications of a limited volume during the basement test in Nabrajah-2, suggest that the hydrocarbon volume could be of significant size.
Oil is produced from basement in both Block 14 (operated by Nexen) and Block 10 (operated by TotalFinaElf). The nearest oil production  from basement is in Block 14, some 40 km from the Nabrajah structure. This opens for a potential of presence of oil also in the basement underlying the Qishn oil discovery in Block 43.
Nabrajah-2 is the first well in a two well back-to-back appraisal drilling program to determine the size of the Nabrajah Qishn oil discovery reported earlier this year. The production test in the oil-bearing Qishn is currently in progress, and the results from this test are expected to be available within the next week.
DNO is the Operator of Block 43 holding a 56.67% interest.