More oil in Sharyoof, Yemen

A new infill well drilled at the Sharyoof Field in Block 53 Yemen (Sharyoof # 13) has reached a total depth of 1650 meter. Preliminary evaluations of electrical logs indicate 20 meters oil pay in the well. This also includes the Qishn S2 sandstone where oil has not been observed in the field so far. The results of the well are expected to increase the oil reserves in Sharyoof.
The initial full production capacity of Sharyoof # 13 is estimated at 5.000 - 8.000 BOPD (1.500 - 2.400 BOPD net to DNO, pretax), but the new hydrocarbon bearing interval in Qishn S2 will be production tested an evaluated before the remaining oil-bearing layers will be produced.
The testing of the basement level in Nabrajah # 5 is expecting to be completed during the following days. Thereafter a test in the overlaying Kohlan dolomites will be conducted, where electrical logs indicate 42 meters of possible oil column.
DNO is the Operator of Block 43 holding a 56.67 % working interest. In Block 53 DNO hold a 24.45 % working interest.