February Production and Yemen drilling update

February production:
The February oil production for Norway and Yemen was as follows (BOPD):
               February                        Year to date   
Norway           1.904                                   1.614
Yemen           12.522                                12.660
Total            14.426                               14.274
The production in February increased by 285 BOPD compared to January. The increase is mainly caused by higher production from Glitne which is due to that the gas compressor problem was resolved towards the end of January.
An oil  production of 14.274 BOPD for the first two months is in line with DNO's expectations.
Tasour # 17 preliminary drilling results:
Tasour # 17 was drilled on a separate structure east of the main Tasour Field. The well was drilled to a total depth of 1.904 meters. Hydrocarbon shows were observed during drilling the Qishn S1A level, however preliminary evaluation of electrical logs indicate that the hydrocarbons are non-movable.

The forward plan is to further investigate the preliminary evaluation results with respect to the prospectivety of the eastern area of the Tasour Field. DNO is also currently undertaking a regional study on deeper targets, including basement potential, and subsequent to this Tasour # 17 may be re-entered. The well will therefore be suspended and preserved as a possible future drilling location.
The rig will now be moved to Block 53 to drill two infill / development wells on the Sharyoof Field. Thereafter the rig will return to Block 32 to drill one Tasour development well and one exploration well within Block 32.