Drilling & testing status - Yemen

Nabrajah-2 is the first well in a two well back-to-back appraisal drilling program to determine the size of the Nabrajah oil discovery reported earlier this year. The well confirmed presence of oil in the Qishn interval being the main reservoir. In the lower basement interval hydrocarbons were observed while drilling. Based on the results from well logs it has been decided to conduct an open hole production test in the basement interval. The well bore is currently cleaning up and consists of drilling fluids with some gas and traces of oil/condensate. The plan is to continue producing the well until the well flow contains solely formation fluid. Thereafter a test in the Qishn interval above will be conducted.
Drilling of an appraisal well in Block 32 (Tasour-13), commenced on 2 September. The well is located in the western area of the Tasour Field, where additional oil was discovered last year.
DNO is the Operator of both Block 43 (56.67%) and Block 32 (38.95%).