DNO to drill further well on West Heather

DNO previously announced that it was planning to drill the third of three West Heather appraisal/development wells in the first half of 2003. DNO and its farminees Palace Exploration Company and Challenger Minerals Inc. (a subsidiary of GlobalSantaFe Inc.) have agreed to accelerate the drilling of the third well.
Operations commenced on well 2/5-20 on 10th October 2002 immediately following the finalization of contractual arrangements.  The well is targeted to a bottom-hole location midway between the previously drilled wells 2/5-8b (1977) and 2/5-18 (2001) and is being drilled on a turnkey basis using GlobalSantaFe's Glomar Arctic IV semi-submersible drilling rig.  The well will be drilled to a total depth of around 11,800 feet and results are expected in around 40 days time.
Top Reservoir Map attached: