DNO - Status, Nabrajah # 9

As previously reported, strong to very strong oil shows and gas readings have been observed in several intervals while drilling the Basement section.
The significance of these oil shows will now be evaluated through a production testing. The forward program for Nabrajah # 9 will be decided based on the results from the test.
Nabrajah # 9 is located 2.7 km north west of the Basement oil discovery well, Nabrajah # 5. The objective of Nabrajah # 9 is to appraise the Basement oil accumulation and to provide oil production from the fractured Basement reservoir.
The participants in Nabrajah # 9 are:
56.67 % (Operator)
Oil Search (Yemen) Limited:
28.33 %
The Yemen Company:
15.00 % (carried)