DNO International ASA (`DNO`) is making reference to the following report released by our partner in Block 43, Oil Search Limited:

`Oil Search reports that as at 0600 hrs Yemen time (+2 hrs GMT) on 6 February, the Dahgah-1 well was at a Total Depth of 2,671 metres in Basement, and running in hole prior to the commencement of a logging programme. Progress for the week was 615 metres.During the week, the well drilled through the secondary target and intersected 27 metres of oil shows in the Naifa dolomites, the same section as the producing interval in the Nabrajah-5 production well. Following completion of the logging programme, further evaluation options will be assessed.
Dahgah-1 is located in Block 43, approximately five kilometres east of the Nabrajah Oil Field. The primary objective of the well is the Qishn clastics, being produced at Nabrajah.`
End quote
DNO will report the status of all ongoing drilling activities together with the monthly production report which is expected next week.
DNO International ASA
7 February 2008