DNO International ASA - Disclosure of Large Shareholdings

Disclosure of Large Shareholdings
As of 17 June 2009, Berge G. Larsen, chairman of the board of directors of DNO International ASA, has been assigned voting rights in connection with this year's annual general meeting on 18 June 2009, based on proxies for a total of 122.654.328 shares in DNO. The proxies apply exclusively to this year's annual general meeting in DNO. Berge G. Larsen has thereby received proxies for 13,56 % of the votes in DNO.  Companies controlled by Berge G. Larsen further own 45.263.220 shares in DNO, representing 5% of the shares in the Company. In total this represents 18,56 % of the shares in DNO.
DNO International ASA
17 June, 2009