DNO International ASA - 1st quarter 2009 Production Report

Yemen production
DNO's WI production from Yemen in March was 7,858 bopd, and 7,925 bopd in the 1st quarter. The YTD production to DNO from Yemen is in line with management expectations.
DNO's NE production from Yemen in 1st quarter 2009 was 5,936 bopd and the average realized oil price was USD 43 / bbl.
DNO's oil production from Yemen is reported as follows:
The production figures (WI and NE) include crude oil consumed in the operation of the Company's production s facilities, at an accumulated volume of 294 bopd in 1st quarter 2009.
DNO's revenue entitlement from the Tawke test production
The revenue entitlement from Tawke test production is reported as follows:
The 2009 YTD test production from Tawke has been lower than in the previous months. As has been seen from the past experience, the Tawke test production volumes show significant variations, which is also expected going forward.
As previously reported DNO has completed the work connecting the Tawke facilities to the Northern pipeline system in Iraq and is thereby ready to deliver full scale production from the field when the required approval is given.
DNO International ASA
28 April, 2009