DNO ASA - Press Release From NPD

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has today released the following press release:
Eni Norge AS, as the operator of production licence 229, has completed the drilling and testing of appraisal well 7122/7-4 S in the Goliat South structure in the Barents Sea.
The production licence lies approximately 50 kilometres southeast of the Snøhvit field and approximately 85 kilometres northwest of Hammerfest. Appraisal well 7122/7-4 S was drilled to a total subsea depth of 2,366 metre and was completed in rocks of early Triassic Age.
The purpose of the well was to prove a deeper oil/water contact in the reservoir in the Realgrunnen sub-group of the late Triassic Age, and to prove a gas/oil contact in the Kobbe formation reservoir of mid-Triassic Age in the Goliat South structure.
The oil/water contact was established in the Realgrunnen sub-group reservoir, and the gas/oil contact was proven in the Kobbe formation reservoir. In addition, a deeper oil column was encountered in sandstone in the Klappmys formation of the early Triassic Age. 
The results from the well are now being assessed as part of the resource base for a possible development of the Goliat discovery. The well also indicated that the share of gas has increased, and this will be assessed in terms of choosing a possible development concept. The discovery in the deeper formations is also considered positive, as no petroleum potential has been proven in this part of the Hammerfest basin.
A new type of production test (injection test) was carried out in the Kobbe formation in order to determine the production properties of the reservoir.
Drilling of appraisal well 7122/7-4 S was carried out with the drilling facility Polar Pioneer at a water depth of 372 meter. Polar Pioneer will now drill exploration well 7122/7-5 in the Goliat West structure in production license 229. The purpose of this the well is to test the hydrocarbon potential in reservoirs of the early to late Triassic Ages.
The licensees in production license 229 are:
Eni Norge AS (operator)       65 %
Statoil ASA.                         20 %
Det norske oljeselskap AS    15 %
Contact in the NPD:
Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg, tel.
+47 51876100.