DNO ASA - October Production Update

DNO achieved an oil production (WI) of 14,602 barrels per day in October 2006.

For the first ten months of 2006 DNO's oil production was 15,144 barrels per day.
DNO's oil production (WI) for October and the first ten months of 2006 were as follows (bopd): 
The WI production to DNO from Yemen was down by 626 bopd compared to September. This was primarily due to lower production from the latest well at the Tasour Field ( Tasour # 22ST) which has declined from the initial gross flow rate of more than 8,000 bopd. The well is still delivering approximately 5,300 bopd (gross) which put the well amongst the best wells at the field.
Towards the end of October Godah # 2 and # 3 was brought on stream and the current combined gross production from these two wells is approximately 1,400 bopd (550 bopd net to DNO, pre-tax). This is expected to increase to 2,000 - 4,000 bopd by year end (780 - 1,560 bopd net to DNO, pre-tax).
On the Sharyoof Field in Yemen a new well was recently brought on stream at an initial gross flow rate of approiximately1,700 bopd (540 bopd net to DNO, pre-tax). In addition, oil export by trucking from Bayoot SW # 2 to the Sharyoof facilities has increased to 300 - 600 bopd (95 - 190 bopd net to DNO, pre.tax). Work is planned to be undertaken to further increase the production from this well.
DNO's production from the Glitne Field increased by 266 bopd compared to September.
15 November 2006
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