DNO ASA - October & November Production

DNO is pleased to announce that the accumulated production to DNO for October and November 2007 was 960,000 barrels, equivalent to 15,733 bopd.
Working Interest
DNO's oil production (WI) for October and November 2007 is reported as follows:

*) Production in Norway is as of November 2007 included in Det norske oljeselskap ASA (previous Pertra ASA), which is an associated company to DNO ASA.  DNO's share of the production from Det norske oljeselskap ASA in November was 540 bopd (36.7%) and is classified as associated production. Going forward, DNO's share of the results in Det norske oljeselskap ASA will be shown as a separate P&L-item. For the 4th quarter 2007, DNO ASA will as previously reported show a substantial positive P&L effect from the integration agreement between Det norske oljeselskap ASA and NOIL Energy ASA.  
In Yemen, the Bayoot SW # 2 and Bayoot SW # 3 - both in block 53 in Yemen, were shut down for the second half of November due to pressure build-up for reservoir evaluation purposes. Sharyoof # 28, also in block 53 was successfully brought on production from mid November at an initial gross flow rate of approximately 3,000 bopd (DNO's share is 950 bopd).
The Kurdistan test production is presented as working interest including DNO entitlement to cost oil. The Tawke test production is delivered from the well site at very low cost. The drop in Tawke production in October is due to the Id holidays and switch of test production to the lower reservoir. It is expected that there will be lower production from Tawke during second half of December due to the holiday season.
Net Entitlement
Net entitlement production for October and November 2007 is shown in the table below.

The production figures (WI and net entitlement) include crude oil consumed in the operation of the company's production facilities, at an accumulated volume of 287 bopd in October and 440 bopd in November 2007.
21st  December, 2007