DNO ASA - Nabrajah # 9 Update

Following the intermediate production test which was undertaken in the upper 470 meters of the Basement flowing gas and slugs with oil, the well was drilled down to a total depth of 2950 meters. Thereafter wire line logs have been run and a 7" liner was installed down to 2301 meters. The purpose of the liner is to plug off the upper section which was flowing gas.
A production test of the Basement interval 2301 - 2950 meters using an Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) has now be undertaken.  The well was unable to produce at commercial rate due to low permeability in the basement fracture system at the well location. When circulating out fluid produced into the well bore during the test it was observed minor volumes of oil. This confirms that basement fractures contain movable oil also in this area of the structural complex. The well will therefore be side-tracked with the objective to locate connective fractures in this area.
The side-tracked hole is expected to penetrate Basement some 200-400 meters away from the current tested location.

6 February 2006


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