DNO ASA - March Production

DNO is pleased to announce the production for March 2007:
March Production:
Working Interest
DNO's oil production (WI) for 1st quarter, March 07 and February 07 was as follows (bopd):
The March production was maintained at the same level as for the previous month.
Towards the end of February, a new production well was brought on stream on the Nabrajah Field at an initial gross flow rate of 1,450 bopd (940 bopd net to DNO, on pre-tax basis). Several new wells are planned to be drilled at the field during 2007.
In Block 32 the joint venture group has secured an additional drilling rig for a three well program which will be assigned to development drilling on the Godah field.   Drilling of Godah #5 commenced on 11 April and will follow on with Godah #6 and #7.
Net Entitlement
The production figures (WI and net entitlement) include crude oil consumed in the operation of the Tasour Field, at a volume of approximately 170 bopd.
April 17, 2007