DNO ASA - June & July Production

Working Interest
DNO's oil production (WI) for May, June, July and the 2nd quarter 2007 is reported as follows:

In mid to late June, DNO started extended test production from wells at the Tawke Field in Kurdistan in order to gather additional reservoir- and well productivity information. The produced volumes during test production has been included in the monthly reports for June and July on 55 % working interest basis, and the oil has been delivered to the domestic marked by tanker trucking. The test production will continue in August.
New wells and successful work-overs in Yemen have contributed to an increase in the Company's production from Yemen. In Norway, commencement of production from the Enoch Field also added new production to the Company from June.
Net Entitlement
Net entitlement production for June and 2nd Quarter is shown in the table below. Kurdistan production has not yet been included in the net entitlement figures.
The July net entitlement figures will be reported in the August production report.

The production figures (WI and net entitlement) include crude oil consumed in the operation at Tasour and Sharyoof, at an accumulated volume of 389 bopd during 2nd quarter 2007.
7th August, 2007