DNO ASA - Goliat Update

The production licence is situated approx. 50 km southeast of the Snøhvit field and approx. 85 km northwest of Hammerfest.  Wildcat well 7122/7-5 was drilled to a total depth of 2205 m below the sea surface.  It was completed in rocks from the Early Triassic Age.  The sidetrack 7122/7-5 A was drilled to a total depth of 1950 m below the sea surface and completed in Middle Triassic rocks.
Sidetrack 7122/7-5 A proved an oil column in the Kobbe formation from the Middle Triassic Age which is now being evaluated as part of the resource estimate for the Goliat discovery.  The well was not production-tested, but extensive logging and core sampling were carried out.  Additional drilling is planned on the production licence in the autumn of 2007.
Wildcat well 7122/7-5 and the sidetrack 7122/7-5 A were drilled using the Polar Pioneer drilling facility in water depths of 371 m.  The Polar Pioneer will now drill wildcat well 7125/4-1 on the Nucula prospect for Hydro in production licence 393 in the Barents Sea.
The licensees in production licence 229 are:
January 9 2007
Helge Eide, Managing Director                                   
Telephone:     (+47) 23 23 84 80