DNO ASA considering new bond loans

DNO ASA has outstanding listed bond loans of in all NOK 335 million, maturing on 1 June 2004. DNO ASA is now considering taking out and listing two new bond loans with payment simultaneously with the maturity of the existing loans. The Board of Directors of DNO ASA will consider the new bond loans and their terms at a board meeting in the last week of May.
The loan amount will be used to refinance existing bond loans and finance new investment in petroleum licences, mainly on the Norwegian shelf.
In connection with the listing of the new bond loans, if any, the company will apply to Oslo Stock Exchange for permission to prepare a simplified prospectus pursuant to Section 21-3 of the Stock Exchange Regulations. The simplified prospectus will be available at 1200 hours on the last stock exchange day before the bond loans are accepted for listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange.
DNO ASA has engaged ABG Sundal Collier Norge ASA, Terra Fonds ASA and Fearnley Fonds ASA as facilitators in connection with the raising of new bond loans.