DNO ASA - August Production

Working Interest
DNO`s oil production (WI) for August 2007 is reported as follows:

Nabrajah # 15 was brought on stream in August and has since been producing at a gross flow rate of approximately 390 bopd. A new Qishn appraisal-/infill well is planned to be drilled during the next months.
The Nabrajah Field is currently shut down due to repair work on the flair stack. The reason being that liquid came into the flare-stack and caught fire, as a result of fluid overflow from the flare knock-out vessel. The fire was extinguished within 45 minutes and there were no injuries of personnel. The Nabrajah Field is expected to be back on production by the end of this week.
The Kurdistan production is presented as working interest included DNO entitlement to cost oil as reported on 22 August 2007.
Net Entitlement
Net entitlement production for July and August 2007 is shown in the table below.

The production figures (WI and net entitlement) include crude oil consumed in the operation at Tasour and Sharyoof, at an accumulated volume of some 390 bopd during August 2007.
13th September, 2007
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