DNO ASA - April Production Update

The oil production net to DNO (WI) from Norway and Yemen was as follows (BOPD):
April 2006
      2006 YTD
The April 2006 production was down by 284 BOPD compared to March. The reduction is caused by lower production from Yemen primarily due to natural decline at the Sharyoof Field and somewhat lower production from Nabrajah Field.
A new infill well (Sharyoof # 20) has now been brought on stream on the Sharyoof Field at an initial gross production of approximately 1.000 BOPD. This is the first of a four well back-to back infill drilling program at the Sharyoof Field.
On the The Tasour Field a new appraisal well (Tasour # 21) delivered an initial test flow rate of 700 - 800 BOPD (gross) from the Qishn interval, increasing to more than 1.300 BOPD after a down hole pump with higher capacity was installed. The well will shortly be turned into permanent production.
The Nabrajah Field produced approximately 10.700 BOPD (gross) in April. The current well capacity is not yet fully utilized due to some further delays in installing increased water handling capacity and gas injection facilities. This is expected to be completed within the next few weeks. Nabrajah # 10 is currently preparing for testing the Basement & Naifa/Kohlan formations. Successful outcome from this test combined with full utilization of the well capacity, will provide for increased production from Nabrajah Field to commence within the coming weeks.
A new test of the Naifa / Kohlan formation will also be undertaken in Nabrajah # 9 using a coiled tubing unit. This well was temporarily suspended earlier this year.
The Glitne Field in Norway delivered a stable production of approximately 11.400 BOPD (gross) in April.