Annual General Meeting of DNO ASA

The Annual General Meeting of DNO ASA will be held on 15 June 2006 at 1:00pm at Vika Atrium Konferansesenter, Munkedamsveien 45, 0250 Oslo, Norway (entrance at the traffic light at Aker Brygge).
1.  Opening by the Chairman of the Board, registration of attending shareholders and shares represented by proxy.
2.  Election of a chairman to preside over the meeting and a shareholder to sign the minutes of the Annual General Meeting together with the chairman of the meeting.
3.  Approval of the notice and the agenda.
4.  Annual financial statements for 2005. Approval of the annual report and financial statements for the Parent Company and the Group, including the allocation of the profit for the year in DNO ASA.
5.  Approval of directors' remuneration and auditors' fees for 2005.
6.  Authorisation of the Board of Directors to acquire treasury shares.
7.  Split of the company's shares.
A notice of the Annual General Meeting and the proposed resolutions are attached to this notification. These documents, as well as attendance slip/form of proxy in Norwegian and English, will also be made available at our website
A complete notice with an attendance slip or form of proxy, if needed, will be sent to shareholders with a known address, along with the company's annual financial statements with annual report and auditors' statement.
Chairman of the Board
22 May 2006
Notice of Annual General Meeting:
Proposed resolutions for the 2005 Annual General Meeting: