Additional information regarding the combination of Pertra ASA and Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA

Reference is made to the stock exchange release on 9 October 2007, regarding the combination of Petra ASA and Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA. Today's stock exchange release contains additional financial information for Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA which was not submitted in the release on 9 October 2007, and should be read in conjunction with this.
According to regulations from Oslo Stock Exchange, DNO ASA should give this additional information regarding the sale of its subsidiary Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA.
Attached is financial information regarding Det norske oljeselskap ASA for the last three financial years.
11 October 2007
Haakon Sandborg, CFO DNO ASA              Telephone: +47 23 23 84 80