1st Quarter Production

DNO's oil production for Norway and Yemen was as follows (BOPD):
                        March                            1st Quarter   
Norway              1.616                                   1.601
Yemen             12.167                                 12.491
Total               13.783                                 14.092
The production in March was down by 643 BOPD compared to February. This is caused by some lower production from Glitne and the expected decline on the Tasour- and Sharyoof Fields.
As reported to the market on 8 April 2005, a new infill well (Sharyoof # 13) has been drilled at the Sharyoof Field. Electrical logs indicated some 20 meters of oil pay, including a new reservoir zone, the Qishn S2 sandstone which had not previously been found oil bearing in the Sharyoof Field. The S2 sandstone in Sharyoof # 13 has now been put into test production and this zone is producing more than 3.000 BOPD (gross). The maximum production capacity of the well with the full 20 meters oil pay in production, is estimated at 5.000 - 8.000 BOPD (gross). The reserves in the Sharyoof Field will now be upgraded and new figures will be presented in the near future.
In Nabrajah # 5 the test in the Kohlan dolomites immediately above the new Basement oil discovery is expected to be completed during the following days. Electrical logs indicated a 42 meters possible oil column in the Kohlan formation.