Increase in DNO's oil production in July

The oil production for Norway and Yemen was as follows (BOPD):
                                July                   YTD
Norway                    2.106                  1.963
Yemen                   12.046                 11.532
Total                     14.152                  13.495
The new production wells on both the Tasour and Sharyoof fields have been on stream during most of July. This is the primary reason for the increase in oil production. One additional production well will in the near future be put on stream on the Sharyoof Field, and later in 2004 two new wells will be drilled within the area of the Tasour Field.
The Glitne Field had a stable production in July and production continued to increase slightly from previous months. A new production well is expected to be on stream in the beginning of September. DNO anticipates this well to further increase the production from the field. The Glitne production will be down for a shorter period during August as a consequence of hooking up the new well.