DNO's oil production for August - 13.783 BOPD

The oil production for Norway and Yemen was as follows (BOPD):
                       August                  YTD
Norway                   1.757                  1.940
Yemen                   12.026                 11.593
Total                   13.783                 13.533
Due to new production wells on both the Tasour- and Sharyoof Fields put on stream during the past two months the Yemen production has increased and been maintained at a level of more than 12.000 BOPD in July and August (net DNO share before tax). Drilling of an appraisal well on the west flank of the Tasour Field (Tasour # 13) is expected to be finalized within the next two weeks. If the results are in accordance with DNO's expectations, the well can be put on stream during October.
A new production well was put on stream on the Glitne Field towards the end of August, which increased the production from the Field to more than 25.000 BOPD (net to DNO 2.500 BOPD). During the hook-up of the new well the production from Glitne was shut down for a shorter period in August. This is the reason why the August production from Glitne is down compared to July.
Unfortunately the production from the new well on Glitne was not fully stabilized before the preparations to shut down the Field commenced as a consequence of the lockout situation. The duration of the lockout situation on Glitne is currently uncertain and DNO's oil production for September is therefore expected to lower than in August.