DNO International ASA - With reference to release from Økokrim

Reference is made to notice, published on the website of The Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim) today.
As may be known, several transactions are being investigated with regards to possible information leakage and manipulation of information in the media, which may have had an effect on the share price of DNO. DNO has no part in these investigations.
DNO will request Økokrim to investigate possible leakages from the Oslo Stock Exchange, pertaining to  the so-called DNO case.
DNO is looking forward to an investigation of all the extraordinary transactions in the DNO share and anticipates that the investigation will clarify any speculations regarding these.
DNO notes that once again a public entity releases information that directly effects the price of the DNO share, without prior notification, giving DNO no opportunity to supply the market with supplementary and precise information.
DNO International ASA
9 October 2009