DNO International ASA - Annual General Meeting 18 June 2009 at 1:00 pm

Location: Felix Konferansesenter,
Aker Brygge, Bryggetorget 3, 0125 Oslo, Norway
Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the company for transaction of the business listed below.
Annual General Meeting Order of Business:
1. Opening by the Chairman of the Board, registration of attending shareholders and shares represented by proxy.
2. Election of a chairman to preside over the meeting and a shareholder to sign the minutes of the Annual General Meeting together with the chairman of the meeting.
3. Approval of the notice and the agenda.
4. Annual financial statements for 2008. Approval of the annual report and financial  statements for the Parent Company and the Group, including allocation of the profit for the year in DNO International ASA.
5. Approval of directors' remuneration.
6. Approval of auditors' fees.
7. Approval of statement from the Board of Directors regarding salary and other compensation to senior management in the Company.
8. Approval of proposal from the Board of Directors regarding share based bonus scheme.
9. Election of members of the Board of Directors.
10. Authorisation of the Board of Directors to increase the share capital.
11. Authorisation of the Board of Directors to acquire treasury shares.
12. Authorisation for issuance of convertible bond loan.
A notice of the Annual General Meeting and the proposed resolutions are attached to this notification. These documents, as well as attendance form/form of proxy in Norwegian and English, will also be made available on our website www.dno.no.  The 2008 annual report is also available on our website.
A complete notice with an attendance form and form of proxy will be sent to shareholders with a known address, along with the company's annual financial statements with the annual report and auditors` statement.
27 May 2009
DNO International ASA
Berge G. Larsen
Chairman of the Board