DNO International ASA - November Production and Drilling Report

DNO is today reporting November 2008 production together with a summary of ongoing drilling activities.
Yemen production
DNO's WI production from Yemen in November was 8,019 bopd, down from 8,827 bopd in October. November production was lower due to unscheduled maintenance work at the pipeline going from Godah and Tasour on block 32. The YTD production to DNO from Yemen is 9,474 bopd, which is in line with management's expectations.
DNO's oil production is reported as follows:
The production figures (WI and NE) include crude oil consumed in the operation of the Company's production facilities, at an accumulated volume of 370 bopd during November 2008.
DNO's revenue entitlement from the Tawke test production
As previously reported, the test production volumes to the Company from Tawke will be based on revenue entitlements rather than volumes, as test production does not reflect the normal operational performance or production capacity of the fields. The revenue entitlement from Tawke test production is reported as follows:
Block 43
On 22 November 2008, rig 908 completed Wasaa #1 exploration well on block 43. The well was drilled to a total vertical depth of 2,187 m. Hydrocarbons were not encountered in the well, and the well was subsequently plugged back and abandoned.
Block 53
Exploration well Raoq #1 was spudded 1 October 2008 with rig 919, and will explore the resource potential on a separate Basement structure to the south of the Bayoot area. By end of  November the drilling operations were still in progress.
Block 72
Rig 905 spudded Seer #1 exploration well 9 November 2008. The well was drilled to a total vertical depth of 1,794 m. Indications of hydrocarbons were encountered within the Qishn reservoir during drilling. Later logging and sampling proved no movable hydrocarbons, and the well was subsequently plugged back and abandoned. The rig will be moved to block 32 to drill development well Tasour #25.
The partners have decided to enter into the second exploration period on block 72.
DNO International ASA
16 December, 2008