DNO International ASA - Information to the market

With reference to recent media reports concerning export of oil from Tawke Field in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, DNO wishes to make the following comments:
As per previous announcements from DNO, the Company has been authorized by KRG to finalize all remaining work in preparation for export of oil from the Tawke field, including tie-in to the Northern Strategic Pipelines through Turkey. This work is progressing as planned and is expected to be completed early next year.
Following contacts with Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) today, DNO has been advised by KRG that they expect that export from Tawke can commence during the first quarter 2009. KRG further advises that good progress has also been made in the discussions regarding export from the TaqTaq field, which is the only other potentially producing field for now in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
As per today DNO has not received an authorization for export of oil from Tawke.  However, in sum the above confirms that there is progress according to plan for tie-in as well as export of oil from the Tawke Field.
28 November, 2008
DNO International ASA