DNO ASA - Yemen Drilling & Testing Update

Status of testing Nabrajah wells.
Nabrajah # 10:
Testing the Naifa/Kohlan formations (2626 - 2720 meters) in Nabrajah # 10 commenced on 21 May. Following an acid stimulation job the well produced an initial flow rate of 3200 barrels of fluid per day, comprising of 1120 barrels of oil per day and  2080 barrels of brine (completions fluid) per day using an Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP). Before the well flow was cleaned up the ESP failed and the test was temporarily aborted. Testing is expected to recommence shortly with a replacement pump.
Nabrajah # 9:
A new test of the Naifa / Kohlan formation in Nabrajah # 9 is now also in progress using a coil tubing unit. Following an acid stimulation job the plan is to flow the well using nitrogen for artificial lifting.
Drilling status:
Sharyoof # 21:
Sharyoof # 21 was spudded on 16 May. This is the second of a 4 well back-to back infill drilling program at the Sharyoof Field.
Alkhoon # 1:
The exploration well Alkhoon # 1 in Block 44 was spudded on 22 may. The well will be drilled into both Qishn and Basement targets.